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Our corporate logo is recognizes by seafood suppliers across the globe. It is considered a mark of quality due to our brand's 75 years of experience in the fishing industry and connection to the historical fishing nation of Iceland. The core elements of our logo: the name, wave and colours have remained consistent throughout our long and rich history.

The Icelandic Corporate Logo
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The Icelandic colours
CMYK: 100 / 80 / 35 / 20
RGB: 24 / 58 / 100
HEX: # 183a64

Corporate Logo with Denomination
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The Icelandic Communication Logo

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We are the dynamic Icelandic landscape.
The brand symbol represents the physical landscape of Iceland - were the mountains meet the ocean. Iceland is an active landscape constantly in flux and renoned for its purity. A volcanic island, our nation rose from the pristine Atlantic Ocean creating fertile pastures and some of the world's most impressive natural wonders.


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It takes a lot to bring freshest fish to market in a sustainable way. Watch how Icelandic works with suppliers and distributors to provide consumers with the highest quality seafood products. 

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