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High quality standards

As a global processor and trader in seafood we have a responsibility to ensure our sources are sustainable. We provide an expert service to ensure our customers are impressed by the quality of our seafood and reassured that it is responsibly produced.

Professional integrity in our working relationships is fundamental to the Icelandic group culture. Our customer’s reputations are protected by our values.

Avoiding illegally caught and endangered fish

We ensure our suppliers comply with the certification standards demanded by the EU and encourage all countries to utilise these certificates. Icelandic will not sell products of endangered or protected species.

Sourcing from sustainable fisheries and farms

An expert supplier of seafood from sustainable sources utilising responsible fishing and farming techniques assessed using independent scientific advice.

We offer a range certified seafood from MSC fisheries and ACC or GlobalGAP farms.

Food safety / Traceability

We demand that products sold under our brands meet high quality standards. Our quality inspectors visit suppliers factories, vessels and farms. Our systems ensure traceability of product back from our factories to the farm or the boats that supplied the fish.

Energy use / Carbon footprint / Packaging and waste reduction

We have programmes to reduce the energy used to make our products. We are supporting research into carbon footprint reduction.

Our companies are tasked with annual reductions in waste. We continually Increase recycling, and reduce the weight of packaging.

Ethical and social standards within our supply base

We take a precautionary approach and only trade with companies that are committed to achieving their ethical, social, and environmental responsibilities.


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Our Responsibility

As a global processor and trader in seafood we have a responsibility to ensure our sources are sustainable.More

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